This is a cover for a book to celebrate the anniversary of Apollo 11.  The cover has to have a finished size of 8x8.  To do that there needs to be and extra 5/8" on all four sides to allow for folding it onto the inside of the hard board cover.  Also allowance has to be made of a 1/4" hinge spine and the spine width of 7/8."  The cover is consisted of several layers and masks are used to enhance certain features and hide others. 

Below are four covers for a series of books by the same publisher.  They are step-by-step books covering the topics of Color, Type, Writing, and Photography. Note that each has its own set of terminology as part of the cover background.  There are at least 50 different words included in each grouping.  Only the company logo and text on the back cover were provided by the publisher.  These covers fit a book that is 7x9.25" and the spine is 0.375" wide. Since the book is soft cover there is need for only an extra 0.125" to "bleed" around the edges for the purpose of trimming the printed cover's edges. 

"Color" book cover 

 "Type" book cover

"Writing" book cover 

"Photography" book cover