This is a proposed advertising campaign.  The Nightime News graphic banner is placed on different surfaces around town.  This collection helps the client to see what the ad will look before purchasing and installing it.  

Nighttime News graphic banner 

The photograph of the water tanks needed to have a power line and litter removed.  The banner needed to be scaled and warped (curved) to fit the water tanks.  The lighting of the photo was adjusted to give the appearance that the light source is directly facing the front of the tanks.  

This building was given a virtual fresh coat of paint before the banner was placed on it.  This is an old photo and the building had been painted after it was taken.  The virtual paint job reflects the current building appearance.  White streaks were removed from the building's facade, and others were later covered with the banner.   There was no need to change the lighting because the original surface had a an even distribution of light.

The balloon's yellow color was removed, and some of the other colors were muted so that that banner could stand out.  The sun has created a glare spot on the balloon, so glare needed to be placed on the banner in that area. The banner was stretched and curved to follow the curves of the balloon.  

Dark shadows appear on this photo of an office building.  They needed to be reduced so that the banner would be easier to see.  Banner shadows had to be added to the dark side of the building and banner area on the front side of the building needed to have a lighter area where the shadows were not so dark. The banner was altered to follow the perspective angles of the two building sides. 

 This can has the banner wrapped around it.  Photoshop allows a person to create images in three dimensions.  Unfortunately, I cannot demonstrate that on this two dimensional website.

This is a collage of the advertising images.  Such groupings are a handy way to summarize a presentaton.